Thursday, January 14, 2021

There's no guesswork in the clockwork of the world's heart or mind.

  I use the phrase "that's politics, baby" a lot but I don't think I've really defined what it's supposed to mean. Basically, regardless of how nonsensical or petty or wasteful something done by either party seems to be, if it's legal it's okay in that it's all part of the process. The Game, if you will. In fact, it's expected as there's more to politics than dull speeches and empty promises.

 There's an old saying that learning about how politics actually works is like learning how sausage is made. You're better off not knowing because reality can be stomach-turning. Before we get too deep in the big muddy, I do want to emphasize that I have no formal training or particularly special expertise on this matter. My degree was in journalism, but I spent more time interviewing bikers and musicians than I did state legislators or city aldermen.

 This is just the cynical ramblings of someone who's been fascinated with the process for roughly thirty-six years, ever since Ronald Reagan stomped Walter Mondale like a government mule. I had to pay attention to election night for a school project, and between that and trying to understand the jokes in Bloom County, I've been hung up on it ever since.

 As my own political compass evolved and drifted further left over the years, my fascination with the process has only deepened. Add in my natural cynicism and lack of a romantic soul, I think it gives me a somewhat unique perspective on why American politics works out the way it does. For example, a lot of Trumpists are unable to understand why Joe Biden, a man with all the charisma of dry toast, got so many votes across such a broad political spectrum. Or, for that matter, why the Democrats would go ahead with this second impeachment even though Trump is on his way out regardless. Or why so many Republicans would drop him like a bad habit after last Wednesday's Capitol siege even though it infuriated the Trumpists.

 It's not always pretty, it's not always logical, and it's not always evident why it's being done in the first place. That's politics, baby. Of course, the problem arises when one side plays the Game by different rules they expect from the other side. And while I am very left-leaning, my interest in anarchism allows me to take a grander view, I think. I don't like the evils of the U.S. government, for example, but I understand why we have one and, maybe, why we need one. I may be all in for Medicare For All but I understand why Bernie Sanders failed to get a broad consensus on the matter. Doesn't mean we shouldn't try to fix the government and that doesn't mean that M4A isn't a goal to work towards.

 I said all that to say all this, though. In the last four years, we've all learned just how little we know about politics. It's a messy business. Bernie Sanders is sharp enough to understand that if he wants to get M4A, he has to work with the rest of the Democratic Party and can't just tell them to go skip rope. It's also probably why McConnell is falling on his sword trying to scrape Trump off the GOP's shoe. Politics is a long game and it's never, ever quick, clean, and pretty, and the sooner we acknowledge that the sooner we can grow up as a people and advance as a society.

 That's partly why I can't seem to shake loose this political writing. My mind's trained in journalism and I'll always be fascinated with the Game, but I'd love to have the inspiration to write about something, anything, else. I realize that a lot of it is simply because I don't get around much anymore. Back when I was interviewing bikers, musicians, and the rest and getting their stories, I had more places to go. Now, the best I can do, fiction-wise, is character sketches and thinly veiled fan fiction.

 Anyhow. As I write this, it's 7:20 in the morning. I could tie it off here but I think I'll let it hang until at least this afternoon in case something else pops up.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Standing in the lonely light of a silver moon with the unexpected destination of my home.

  It never fails. I spend yesterday bragging about easily the nonsense is moving from my brain to the screen and, blap, it squeezes itself off. Typical. I guess part of the problem arises from the simple fact that the shit continuing to go down in Washington is filling my head.

 Which shouldn't be surprising because there is some wacky shit going down there, man. The House is meeting to see about impeaching Trump again, this time for inciting the wilding that went on last Wednesday. So, because the goddamn Capitol chambers were breached by a passel of rabid dingbats and I have no doubt they'd of pulled some horrid shit had they been able to chase down a Congress critter, they put up metal detectors.

 Of course, Republicans squawked. Around 10 or so set off the detectors and refused to have the wand used on them, some jerk just walked around it, and that goofball from Colorado Lauren Boebert just kicked up a massive fuss, claiming she had a permit when she didn't. Were it me, I'd just assume that not only were they all armed but that they're connected in some form or fashion to the folks who pulled that siege Wednesday. Indeed, Mo Brooks and Paul Gosar have direct involvement, apparently, and someone led a group of them through congress on a reconnoiter.

 And it accomplished nothing and will continue to accomplish nothing. Nothing concrete, anyway, I would not be surprised if more blood got spilled before this time next Wednesday. Mostly because it's blatantly obvious these goons don't have a single clue. They keep nailing folks for obviously illegal actions last Wednesday and almost to a man they've said "they didn't mean it because they didn't know" what they were doing was bad.

 How dumb do you have to be to think that will fly and how dumb do you think everyone else is? It's privilege and arrogance, and I don't mean White Privilege (though I'm sure that factors in). Americans seem to truly believe that if they don't think, they can't be held responsible for their actions. We believe that life has a Narrative like the tv shows and movies we watch and that we're the heroes of that Narrative, so everything should turn out okay whatever we do just like it does in the movies. And if we're ignorant about the actual laws and rules of the games we're playing, well, hell that never stopped Bruce Willis in Die Hard or Stallone in Cobra or what have you.

 So it's less something that's happening now because of recent events, but it's something deep and rotten in our culture and national psyche. I don't know if it's a particularly American thing, I just look at it filtered through the American lens that's because this is all I know. I mean, I've been to Canada and Amsterdam and Venice, and they're nice, but those experiences do not measure up to the rest of the 45 years on the planet.

 This means something is Wrong, but we knew that. We're a country founded on slave-owning patricians, breaking every treaty we had with the Native Tribes while we tried to exterminate them like coyotes, a place that didn't give women the vote until 1918 and even then it wasn't all women. And on and on, it's just now here lately we've been putting the effort into living up to the ideals we've always claimed we've had. And that's not even getting into foreign policy because, whoo boy, y'all think that's a new thing? Look up the Monroe Doctrine, neighbors, we've been dicks about that for quite a while.

 You know, in a horrible, twisted way the week's events and the possible nightmares to come are a perfect cap to the 2020 Election and maybe the four years of the Trump Era. Hell, it might be a perfect closer for the first 20 years of the Post-American Century, when Truth burns like alcohol on an open wound. The past year especially has exposed the cracks in the foundations of this country.

 The idea that Capitalism, at least how it's approached, is not only insufficient but it's actively harmful to a large segment of the population. Religion is empty, fame is a drug more dangerous than anything you could smoke, and the government is run by buffoons because that's the way we like it, buddy. You disagree, be prepared to catch bullets because our right to shoot you outweighs your right to not get shot. It's in the Constitution.

 I've been quiet on Twitter and doing my best to avoid the news beyond writing The News, and I wish I could make myself take a break from all of it. I know I can't, though, not completely. This isn't a noble thing nor is it an addiction, it just is. Talking with the Psyche Doc yesterday, we both noted how staying stoned all the time was an attempt to block out the entire world, being fine with blocking out the good if the bad was as well. There's something to that and more than one of my fellow riders was of the opinion I indulged in too much of the good smoke.

 Maybe, but damn, it'd be nice to have some now just to take the edge off. Okay for that.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

I'm the train, I'm the train.

  There's a school of thought wherein people encourage, themselves or others, to be "weird" if that's what their natural inclinations tell them to do. In my experience, that definition of "weird" means, at best, a quirky sense of aesthetics or a deep love of some "geeky" form of pop culture that really isn't all that weird. I mean, Dungeons & Dragons is a billion-dollar franchise and no weirder than fantasy football. If that.

 I say all that because as a bonafide "weird" dude, I've never, ever felt like I belonged or like I was doing something properly. I'm not saying this makes me interesting, don't get me wrong. Having no personality and less charisma, I'm pretty damn dull and it's a tribute to my friends that they put up with my goofy ass. I've never been able to fit in anywhere and I've always felt like an outsider in any social group I found myself a part of.

 For the most part, that's okay. Whether by nature or purely self-defense, early on I developed a preference for my own company. Put simply, there's plenty of stuff I can do by myself and that's what I've always enjoyed the most. Apart from sex and playing in bands - which I'm convinced come from the same impulse - that's all I prefer to do.

 The other thing is I have some very dark thoughts on a lot of common-place stances. I won't go into great detail because I don't want to, but to draw it to current affairs, the deaths arising from the recent siege of the White House by Trump partisans doesn't move me all that much. Don't get it twisted, any loss of life hurts the soul. At the same time, though, it's a testament to something that there wasn't a larger death count. People were trying to break into the Capitol building after spending a day howling threats of violence and revolution.

 People keep trying to compare it to the Black Lives Matter and Antifa protests earlier in the summer, but that just don't fly. The former would've been mowed down before they got within a hundred yards of the steps and the latter wouldn't have gotten much closer. Plus, we're learning a lot about how law enforcement agents were a part of the siege and how the fuzz on the ground more or less gave them directions.

 "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes" I guess is what I'm trying to say applies here. We act like the worst shouldn't happen, but that's where we put ourselves. People who regularly engage in protest understand when you go against the Natural Order, it will smack you in the face It shouldn't be that way, but there's a lot about life in this cruel world you could say that about.

 Anyhow, let's get the News done. Big week, of course, and every day had a lot to get in. Monday was the setup, Wednesday was the delivery, and Friday was the fallout, which is ongoing and a long way from being over. I think I did a pretty good job breaking it all down into bite-sized chunks, but a week like that is like a too-big meal. You're never going to do it full justice.

 Another thing I feel is worth touching on is the de-platforming of the President from Twitter and what that says about free speech. First and foremost, it says nothing about free speech because a platform has the right to rid itself of profit-harming individuals. I'm not at all surprised conservatives are screaming censorship and, really, that they're claiming a non-governmental, privately owned business not doing what they want is akin to communism. They're kind of stupid that way, honestly.

 For the record, I don't think they should've booted him so long as he was President. Something something official record something, sort of thing. I doubt the absence of him egging his worshipers on will result in less violence and I bet they've got something dramatic planned for Inauguration Day. However, the first nasty crack after he's no longer officially president, yeah, dump that bastard.

 I guess that's plenty for now. It's been an exhausting week and I'm tired of all of this, but I guess everyone is. I did get some good news this week, though. I did an informal bit of journalism this week for local tobacco and smoke shops in Tupelo - including one flat-out head shop, who knew - and they're all fairly positive about things when the medical marijuana initiative rolls out this summer. They're also more or less confident Tupelo won't be left behind, and that was my big worry. This part of Mississippi is extremely conservative, even for Mississippi, so wrap your head around that.

 And this was nothing but a head shop, too. They had some vape stuff, but come on. It was set up like every head shop I've been in, rows and rows of glass pipes and bongs behind the counter. Wild.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

I knew I'd lost the light and I was moving through the night, running from the grand ennui.

  Man, yesterday was tedious. Exhausting. Luckily today was cold, wet, and miserable, and since I had nothing to do, I did just that. I'm somewhat calm down but I won't lie about it, yesterday got me extremely wound up. Took me one of the Klonopin the Psych Doc prescribed and it put me down.

 On a side note, I've never been a pill guy. Weed, naturally. Psychedelics, any day. That's about as far as I go. Being speedy never appealed to me anyway, so I've never messed around with coke or meth or anything like that. I unknowingly smoked a joint once that had been laced with meth and it was awful. But god's truth, yesterday was my first experience with opioids of any kind and, frankly, I don't recommend them. It's that sludgy, underwater feeling like overindulging on vaped weed. I don't care for it because it brought my brain to a screeching halt. Half, hell, most of the reason I like pot is it kicks my brain in gear.

 The other reason is that it soothes my nerves and that would've come in handy. The actual storming of the Capitol was bad enough but watching wingnuts try to juke the narrative was irritating. It was Antifa infiltration or they were pushed to do it because Democrats dared disagree with Father Trump. I really don't get that. For the past four years, they've been outright threatening civil war if Trump didn't win re-election. For the past two months, they've been screaming that if the election results were overturned because they say so, they'd have no other option but bloody revolution.

 But when they finally kick off the Second War for Independence & Trump, they want to point fingers at everyone but themselves. Astounding. Even dumber is how many of these yay-hoos made selfies of them jerking off in a Congress member chair or ripping down pictures of that RINO, Abraham Lincoln. Not the sharpest knives in the drawer, no.

 Interestingly, it seems everyone but the Most Faithful are running from Trump like he's been sprayed by a skunk. It started with Melania's chief of staff and, so far, we're at Betsy DeVos putting in her resignation. I figured she was ride-or-die especially after the solid he did for her brother week before last. Lindsay Graham turned on him and actual Republican congressmen are suggesting he be either impeached or at least have Amendment 25 laid on him.

 Some are sticking with him, though, and it's rarely a surprise who. Ted Cruz for one, but he's a worse suckfish than Graham. Soon as someone else becomes the Big Dog in the GOP, he'll latch on to them. He thinks it should be him, of course, but no one likes Ted Cruz. And Josh Hawley's dumbass, well. Simon & Schuster dropped his book deal so he's crying about the woke mob, but the sad and sorry fact is that boy's too damn stupid for his ambitions and has all the charisma of a bucket of white paint.

 He's still got Newsmax and OAN on his side while FOX News just goes back to blaming liberals for everything from the breakdown of society to their aunt's gout. And there's the whole cop thing - how badly they bungled the riot or perhaps aided and abetted it - that needs to be unpacked.

 Someone else can do it, though, because I am done with them. They've been telling us what they are for four years and yesterday they showed us. It was like when people riot when their team wins whatever championship, just revelry in destruction because you don't have to clean up the mess.

 They're not worth taking seriously or working with or trying to mend fences. They see me as an enemy? Very well, then I'm their enemy. I can live with that.

 Okay for that, then. I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Trump made a video where he promised a peaceful transfer but he didn't concede nor do I think he will. The MAGA faithful isn't budging in their sense of righteous nor do I think they will. I don't know how or what the end result will be, but the Game is forevermore changed.

 Might as well have some fun, right?

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Was it singin' through my nose that got me busted by the man?

  I'm trying to not pay too close attention to what's going on in Georgia or, for that matter, D.C. They've had an amazing turnout, something like 80-90% of all registered voters. In fact, they saw a bigger turnout than they saw for the November election. Right now, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock have a decent lead, but it's still too close to call and too contentious to not take it seriously. Rural counties are trickling in but turnout is lower than in the urban areas, I'm hearing.

 As for Washington, well, what can you say? Mike Pence says he's not going to do anything outrageous, which pretty much means regardless of all the shenanigans being pulled by Trump dingleberries like Josh Hawley, he'll properly count the electoral votes that have already been cast and registered. And the Trumpists are massing in town and promising violence if they don't get their way.

 They'll say the election's been stolen and if you ask for evidence, any evidence, they'll give you links to YouTube videos that'd make Templar conspiracy theories wonder how they made that stretch. And if you don't agree with them, they'll say you're brainwashed by the "mainstream media" because that's the only other option. It's the same thing Green folks said back in 2016 when you doubted anything Jill Stein said.

 Anyhow. It'll be funny as hell if Trump's post-election nonsense costs the Republicans the Senate. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue are awful enough as it is, but the whole "Brian Kemp and Brad Raffernsperger won't steal the election for me, so don't vote for the Republicans" is going to have an impact. We're also seeing massive turnouts from Black and Hispanic voters, particularly the latter. Up from nine percent to thirty percent. That's pretty stunning and it's due to heavy-duty GOTV efforts from folks in-state.

 We're also hearing that FOX News is cutting away from election coverage. That doesn't really suggest one thing or another, of course, but it is interesting. And early numbers from Democratic-leaning rural counties show both Warnock and Ossoff with a 25-point lead. There's also a 98% turnout. Wow. Shows what happens when you act like a shitass to an entire state.

 That's one thing I'll be happy to see the backside of once Trump's out of office. It's bad enough to see conservatives act like shit to parts of the country because you think they all think differently, in lockstep, then you do. Sure, liberals do it, too, especially to the South and that's irritating as hell. And I'm not going to lie, I'm not the patriotic sort, we all know that, but one thing I do have an appreciation for is the actual people I share this ride with. I really don't appreciate a president, any president, saying cities and states that don't kiss his ass are garbage. San Francisco and Arizona are just as American as you and me, so fuck that noise.

 I haven't been doing too, good a job ignoring Georgia, have I? It's still leaning towards Ossoff and Warnock, pretty closely at roughly 51-49 for both as rural county votes roll in. I think it's time I checked out. I snagged some new games from the various sites' winter sales. Unavowed, for one, which I played a bit of. I remember the old-school adventure point-and-click, solve-the-puzzle-using-lateral-thinking games, and it does a pretty good call back to that. Plus, I like the concept. I still have Disco Esylium and Outer Wilds to check out, and I still have a $10 coupon to Epic that's good until tomorrow. I really can't decide on something else to buy, so I imagine I'll let it run out.

 And at the rally, Trump supports are chanting "Victory or Death!" I mean, come on. That's just silly.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

I pity the mother and father when the kids move away.

  The first weekend of the new year, and we wonder what sort of horrors 2021 has for us. I really don't think anyone had a flat clue that 2020 would be as nerve-wracking as it was. It was weird and odd and continually strange, and I'm almost inclined to believe the idea that this is all a computer situation just because it was what it was. And most of it was centered around the goofy bastard in the White House.

 It started off stupid. Remember Trumpites getting all bent out of shape because they thought NPR's annual Fourth of July reading of the Declaration of Independence as a knock against Trump. Remember that? Wasn't that dumb? Wasn't that embarrassing? And it just got worse.

 And just because it's on my mind and I want to get it down. I've been watching a lot of horror movie reviews by this kid that runs under the handle Decker Shado. He and another guy whose name I can't remember will make a deal about how poorly most horror franchises handle continuity. Like in the first Friday The 13th, the murderer was Mrs. Voorhees and Jason was dead thirty years while in every other movie in the franchise Jason was the killer. And even then, he went from a thin survivalist type with a sack on his head to a hulking brute in a hockey mask to an unstoppable undead killing machine.

 Plus, there's funny business with passages of time between movies and the whole weirdness that was Jason Goes To Hell. Pretty much every horror franchise is like that in some form or fashion, and it drives the horror geeks up the wall. Well, I've found y'all a solution. It's the Many-Worlds Theory at work. The reason, for example, so much changes from Evil Dead to Evil Dead 2 to Army of Darkness to even Ash vs. Evil Dead because every movie there are slight shifts in the story and things that don't mesh with previous films because each one exists in slightly different universes.

 One interpretation of the MWT is that there's a continual shift in reality due to quantum decoherence, and for the most part it's not supposed to be noticeable on a macro level but this is a movie with a guy with a chainsaw hand. Since there's some serious evil magic involved, it makes sense that reality would shift every time big juju goes down. 

 Anyhow, that's been on my mind a lot lately since I've been reading Brian Greene's The Hidden Reality, and if nerds would just accept that instead of getting their drawers twisted over continuity, this would be a much better world. So, hey, I haven't done the News. For the most part, it was an ongoing back and forth concerning the stimulus checks and the Nashville Christmas Bomber. Good week's worth of work. Nothing fancy but good, solid journalism and/or blogging.

 I do put a lot of thought into the Evil Dead franchise, and I really need to finish the last season of Ash vs. Evil Dead. It was surprisingly enjoyable. Ash is supposed to be nothing but a complete screw-up but is destined to be the only one to defend the world against the Deadites and Necronomicon Ex Mortis and he's great at that appeals to me. It goes back to the idea that stories are more entertaining when the protagonist isn't a Chosen One of some sort. For me, anyway, but I'm funny that way.

 I think I'll wrap this up here. I'm not sure if I'm going to read or play a game or take a nap. Either way, it'll be a good idea.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

Lord, if you won't take care of us, won't you please, please let us be?

  Well, it'd be fitting if the year closed out on me missing Deadline. The burger I ate tonight from Peppertown Restaurant was burnt and tiny, and the fries were soggy. It has a sort of poetry.

 I wrote the title around 7 p.m. and then pretty much fell asleep. Today was another one of those Big Sleep days, though I did manage to have a somewhat productive morning. But it's 10:15 Country Standard Time and I'm on it. I figure I can get 500 words in before the clock turns midnight and Enon Holler says goodbye and good riddance to 2020.

 I don't think anyone would disagree on it having been a booger of the year. No matter where you stand on, for example, the COVID-19 plague, I think we can all agree that it's been bungled greatly from the top to the bottom. People are still calling it overblown or, worse, some sort of intentional something designed to do... something.

 Conspiracy theorists are never really clear on that except it's somehow another way "They" can control us and/or track us. We never find out who "They" is and we all carry smartphones that are being tracked constantly and an internet that we've known for at least 20 years is tracked by the NSA. Wave hello!

 As for a method of control, please. Call me cynical but human beings, especially Americans, are incredibly easy to manipulate. Seriously, spend a season watching football fans. Or people who post on websites about television shows. It doesn't take much. For what it's worth, I think people who've lost loved ones to COVID-19 should be allowed to beat these sort of conspiracy theorists about the head and kidneys with a whiffle bat until they spit teeth and piss blood.

 Harsh? Perhaps, but I think it's fair. I've never been one to look back. That's why I write all this down, so I can remember it. But this has been a booger of a year and I am hopeful 2021 isn't quite a drag. As someone who watched a lot of B-grade science fiction and apocalyptic movies, I'm still sort of amazed we're living in this sort of future. I don't think anyone had "badly handled worldwide pandemic" and "millions of Americans cultishly following a complete dope" on their bingo card, as the kids say.

 Just to dip into the news for a bit, we're looking at Congressional Republicans being buttholes about the Electoral Vote count on January 6 when nothing they do will make any difference. There are a few complete lumps like Louie Gohmert who probably believe the latest Trump Conspiracy but most are Josh Hawleys, cynically manipulating the easily manipulated - speaking of the fact that Americans are so easily bamboozled that they'll almost beg for it - to set them up for a 2024 run.

 We really haven't considered the possibility the reason Trump's yowling about the election being stolen - apart from using it as a quick way to grift the griftable - is that he himself cheated. He'd already stated that if he lost it could only be due to chicanery and still maintains Hillary Clinton got three million dead voters in 2016 when that's patently untrue. And let's face it. Donald Trump is a lifelong cheat. He's cheated on his businesses, cheated his employees and contractors, cheated on his creditors, cheated charities, and cheated on his taxes. He's cheated on all three wives, cheated his kids, cheated his siblings, and would've cheated his folks if his dad hadn't been smarter and nastier.

 So fuck him and I'll be glad to see the end of him. I'll be glad to see so many awful people have to live with the realization that despite his high turnout, even more people turned out to see him gone. Hopefully next year we can get on top of COVID, have cops stop killing black people for spurious reasons, release everyone in prison on non-violent marijuana charges, get health care figured out and affordable, and figure out a way we can all exist on this planet, having a good time and being cool with each other, while not having to work ourselves to death just to be able to eat.

 Even if hoping 2021 is better than 2020 is a low bar, I'll still take it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2020

How many travelers get weary bearing both their burdens and their scars.

  I've been trying to ignore today. I don't know why, really. I don't feel bad, physically, nor is the black cloud hanging around. I'm a bit on the cranky side, but I'm always a bit cranky. My settings are permanently set on salty, that's just how it is.

 And it was a lovely day outside, too, warm and full of sunshine. It's going to be like that at least through the week, we'll see some rain and colder weather by the weekend. Hell, I've also been digging on some mods for XCOM 2, which make it not quite a whole new game, but definitely expand the play.

 But some days I have to hide, and no one seems to really get that. For much of my life, I'd go to work or some other obligation wanting nothing more than to be allowed to lay down in a cool, dark room. It had nothing to do with the job or whatever it was I was obligated to do. I just like doing that. Just lay there and think, slipping in and out of lucid dreaming.

 Today was a day like that. Woke up, let Otis out, looked at the news (such as it was), and packed it in for a couple hours. Woke up again, let Otis in, read for a while, and then packed it in again. That's how I spent my day. Some people might disapprove but screw 'em and feed 'em cornflakes.

 Anyhow. Anthony Warner. We're learning a bit more about him, namely that he was into conspiracy theories and apparently spent time hunting "lizard people" in and around Nashville. He's also supposed to have told a neighbor that he'd have a fairly interesting Christmas, though not going into detail about the what's.

 I'm not sure how this changes things, exactly. "Terrorism" has been tossed around, but I'm not going there just yet. I remember the Bush Jr. Administration when everything from protesting with the Iraq War to not agreeing with the president's education policy was considered "terrorism," so that word - like patriotism - has been worn pretty thin.

 There is something to the racism aspect, though. It's like whenever some asshole decides to burn down a black church or shoot up a gay nightclub, and we have to hear about what a sweet kid he was. If Warner was black or brown or the wrong religion, we wouldn't be hearing a thing about his concerns of an alien invasion.

 Well, this is interesting. New information from The Tennessean says Warner's girlfriend reported to authorities that he'd been building bombs in his RV but he wasn't considered worthy of being "on the radar." The cops knocked on his doors to investigate, but he never answered and they never followed up. Of course.

 I need to go ahead and wrap this up, I reckon. The only bad thing about days like this is my brain becomes a sponge, in that it absorbs a lot but won't give unless it gets squeezed. That's an unnecessarily tortured metaphor, but it puts it over word count. The year's almost over, so let's see what inane madness tomorrow brings.

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Shine on, harvest moon.

  I hope everyone had a pleasant Christmas or if that's not your bag, a nice Friday. For whatever it's worth, mine was pleasant. It's still a bummer we couldn't do the big family gathering thing my family usually does, but that's how it goes. Maybe next year.

 Anyhow, let's do the do. It's been a weird week, to say the least. We started off Monday with the idea that we might see the COVID stimulus bill and possibly a larger check for folks Wednesday. Reality took a hard turn Friday with the explosion in Nashville. Again, luckily, no one was killed although there was quite a bit of property damage.

 The law dogs have been working all day to find out what they can, and they've come up with what they're calling a "person of interest." Sixty-three-year-old Anthony Quinn Warner is apparently the owner of the RV used in the bombing. There were human remains found after the blast and officials are trying to figure out if that's Warner. They've traced the ownership of the RV back to property Warner signed away in the last couple of months. Twitter detectives have come up with that owner, but as they don't seem to be involved, I see no reason to bring them into all this.

 For now, the FBI is dealing with all of this as a "suicide bomber," though they've given no inclination they know why Warner blew up the RV with himself in it if that's indeed what he did. Again, the Tweeter gumshoes have thrown up some ties to white supremacist movements but I haven't seen anything concrete.

 So that's where we are. Unless something's happened in the last hour or so, Trump hasn't said a thing about the blast. He has complained that his wife hasn't been on any glamour magazines and more whining about getting curb stomped last month, but nothing about Tennessee. Actually, apart from those tweets, Trump has spent most of the Christmas weekend golfing. I don't think anyone is really surprised or, for that matter, really cares.

  I really do think most people are tired of his shit, honestly. The Base gets loonier and loonier, making greater stretches and leaps of logic to explain why Trump actually won. And they just don't care. All morning Twitter was ablaze with the news that Adam Schiff had been arrested based on an obviously faked page. This is why you don't put much stock into the efforts of Twitter shamuses. Give everything a little bit of time to marinate and work out the kinks, just like with computer games. Life is full of buggy software, especially these days.

 Beyond that, well, the black mood seems to have blown over. I still have nothing kicking inside my head when I drift away from The News. I've been staring at that last sentence for a good 20 minutes. I've spent a lot of time picking guitar but I really can't do anything besides strumming rhythm. My fingers are simply too short, too fat, and my lack of grace extends to my entire body.

 I really haven't been posting this elsewhere because nothing interesting's being said. The news about Nashville can wait until tomorrow's round-up. Like I said, let it marinate. Scoops are great, sure, but let real professionals take those hits. Most of us can wait.

 I think I'll twist this off here. Something interesting, yadda yadda. I've got my Actual Paying Work done and may fool around with XCOM: Chimera Squad some more or perhaps Tyranny. Or I may read more of The Murder of Roger Ackroyd. Or go to sleep. Hell, I don't know.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Yep. It's Thursday.

  It is indeed Thor's Day and, once again, I have some Actual Paying Work to do. It is around 34 degrees outside and the wind's a fierce (for Northeast Mississippi) 11 mph. It is, in a word, cold. So I've hibernated all day today and really haven't paid attention.

 Though I do see Trump's pardoned another round of rotten bastards. It's being pointed out that his numbers aren't anything particularly special but that it is noteworthy that most of his pardons are either people who lied for him at some point or he thinks he can get something out of. He's also pardoned three Republican congressmen who have nothing to do with him, one of whom was convicted of using campaign money to pay for jaunts with his side piece.

 While it is a big deal, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to be outraged at anything this chump does. I have no concern he's trying to pull something shifty to overturn the election results. I wouldn't be surprised but so far the attempt's been so ham-fisted it's almost laughable. The only thing that worries me is the violence his worshippers might pull. Most of 'em, sure, don't have the sand to put their money where their mouth is, but it only takes one.

 Dark thoughts on a gloomy Christmas Eve. Due to the COVID, my extended family's not doing the big get-together we hold at my aunt's every year. There's something like 60 of us, aunts, uncles, cousins of like you ain't never seen, and it's just not safe at the moment. My cousin's wife is getting over a bout of it and another cousin's son's wife has it but is asymptomatic. My brother and his wife are staying in Oregon, so it's just going to be me and Momma.

 And it is a bummer. I'm not going to pretend I'm all that social nor do I go out of my way to see my family when there isn't a raging pandemic. I've long ago accepted that even if they don't understand me - and they don't - they still love me and got my back. I'm incredibly lucky in that respect. And I won't pretend that as soon as the food is eaten, I start eyeing the door. Once the brouhaha that is the young'uns doing the Christmas thing kicks in, it starts making me nervous. It's even worse now that I don't have any weed.

 But it is what it is and there's nothing I can do about it but hope that next year is better. Too much gloom. I don't know where to go from there. Or here. The malaise that's been fogging my brain for the past couple of weeks is intensifying and stretching into a full-blown depressive episode. Lovely.

 Anyhow, that's enough. If I have something come to me, I'll come back, but I'm starting to despair of that ever happening again. In any event, stay warm and enjoy your Thursday.

 Turns out that wasn't enough. This is getting to be a huge drag, man. It's supposed to be fun. It's not necessarily anti-fun but it's getting to be a chore, and that's never a good sign.

 That should be enough. Okay for that.