Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Yeah, don't get excited...

 Nothing serious going here. I just wanted to have something posted in 2014 and I wanted it posted before a year had past since my last post. Don't ask me why, the urge to do strange, silly things for no good reason that don't matter a'tall just pops up from time to time, and from even rare times to times, I'll run with it. But, since we're here, let's see where we are.

 I'm currently sitting here watching a lecture on Emmy Noether. I was only vaguely familiar with her, mainly because of her connection with Einstein. This isn't a great speech. The guy's jokes are stale and I see now why people loathe Power Point. I shall endeavor to search out more on her, though.

 I'm watching this YouTube video through my television via Apple TV. I bought the little doodad for my birthday, and I really dig being able to watch stuff from my computer on the big television so's I can still use my computer to look up stuff when whatever's on the screen gets dull. I also like I can run stuff on it from my iPhone, particularly old "Doctor Who" and "Blake's 7" episodes via Daily Motion. Recommended, for what that's worth.

 I have been blogging, though, on my Tumblr site here. I wouldn't call any of it actually "writing", just "blogging" and I do believe there is a difference. Tumblr's weird, though.  Most feedback I've gotten was a tossed-off bit about how voting gets more done politically than stroking the Second Ammendment, and lordamercy, did I set off the resident gun nuts and "the system's broken, maaaan, you're just doing what the rich and powerful want by voting whilst I doing nothing am really fighting the system, maaan", and it was just as predictable and boring as you might expect. On another note, fandom has gotten really weird since I did that. I don't think I ever liked anything in this world as much as people on Tumblr seem to like the new "Doctor Who" and the "Avengers" series of movies.

 Since the last time, the head prep cook at work had to quit due to illness, so I'm now the top dog. I hate my job but they pay well and I'm generally through with my day by four in the afternoon, and that includes walking Otis. I also have Sundays off, which is nice, and as soon as I can find something to do that doesn't involve food preparation in anyway, I am gone like the King, son.

 And that's about it. Still live in the same place and still have the same dog. I'm still with the girlfriend and it's still not perfect, but I think we're in a better place than this time last year. Having Sunday's off helps, and we've had a couple hollering fits and that sort of helped. I'm not reading all that much any more, and spend most of my free time sacked out on the couch staring at one of two screens. Really haven't been anywhere and don't have any plans.

 That's all I got.

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