Sunday, January 31, 2010

What was your favorite band you were in?

Hard to say. Every band I've been in, except for the last one (country/party band with a bunch of guys out in Bogart, GA, wherein I was just filling a space before the Big Move) ended on sort of a sour note. Therefore, all have a tinge of melancholy when I think about them. Sort of like my ex-girlfriends, frankly. I enjoyed the good times but the irritations make me glad we went separate ways. The only difference is I'm still friends with everyone I played with, which is nice.

Musically speaking, however, it has to be "The Big Lebowski" thing we (Scotty, Tom, Charlie, Fester, Diego, and me) did for Halloween '09. There were, of course, major headaches involved with that, but we tore it up.

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