Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Gaming rant.

"Gamer culture", whatever that is, is garbage. I should not be checking my Steam queue & come away embarrassed about one of my hobbies. You little turds need slapped good & hard. There ain't no call for this.

I'm not going to go into detail, but this morning I clicked through half-a-dozen poorly made puzzle games that existed only to eventually show anime nekkid girls. Granted, that's what I get for assuming "Nudity" & "Sexual Content" meant shit like The Witcher & Mass Effect. That's my fault, but my mind is still blown by what computer games are these days. That's not a bad thing, & even as cringe-y as (at least) the first Witcher can be, it's more than just boringly drawn cartoon boobies. Again, I expect too much.

But call me an old fogey, but I just can't see the humor in "cutie anime girl Nazi with a name reminiscent of one of the higher officials" in what ostensibly a war simulator RTS thing. Really? That's where we are now? That's just tacky &, honestly, makes me think someone else is paying the designer's bills & they're going to be pissy as hell once they grow up & try to get a job. Probably blame it all on feminists.

You know, I got back into playing video games at a time in my life where, not to be too dramatic, I was somewhat adrift in the ozone. It not only let me reconnect to a joy of happier, younger times, it also reinvigorated a creative & artistic spark.

It pisses me off to share a pleasant diversion with a bunch of thick-skulled children who think "being a butthole" is a personality. Guess it's a good thing I didn't what kind of shit-asses comic book fans could be back when I read them on a regular basis.

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