Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tuesday, December 24, 2019, Part 2

 Okay, kids, let's swing. More wired-&-tired than anything, but I need to get it out of my system.

 So it's Christmas Eve. When I was a kid, this is when my overall family - Momma's brothers & sisters - would do our Christmas on Christmas Eve. First at my Mammaw's, then at my Aunt's. Nowadays, we do it on Christmas Day in the late afternoon. Why, I don't know. I'm sure they have a good reason.

 Up until Daddy died, we'd do just-the-family-Christmas on Christmas Eve. Since whatever's easiest for my sister-in-law is how she and my brother play it. This year was Thanksgiving, so it's just Momma and me tonight, and we've more or less done our Christmas over the last month.

 She grumbles and complains, but Momma really enjoys Christmas. I've got a mess of cousins with babies, and they've all got older siblings that are still in pre-school, so it's a good time. Me, I don't care much about Christmas, I do what Momma wants, and when I meet up with the big family, I tend to enjoy myself.

 "Matt," you say, "I thought you didn't like kids. What gives?" Well, Voice In My Head, that is where you are wrong. I don't have kids and there is a difference. I like elephants, for example, but I wouldn't want to be responsible for or have to clean up after one. Babies are still creepy and I fear them, but toddlers are a hoot. Since they're not mine, I just get to enjoy the show. I'll never have one of my own, but getting stoned and watching a bunch of toddlers go Christmas nuts is one of life's simple joys.

 Kids are still fun until about 12 or so. I don't mind teenagers, I just can't sync up with them. Being a teenager is a big enough hassle that having to deal with Weird Cousin Matt isn't necessary. Besides, by the time they hit their twenties I become Cool Cousin Matt. The ones in the middle are kick, too, because that's the age human beings really start coming into their own. The little ones' rampant, chaotic imagination is entertaining but tiring.

 This batch of young'uns is remarkably well behaved, comparatively speaking, and generally stay pretty chill until the gift-giving starts, and then they become like zombies and wrapping paper is human flesh. It's enjoyable. I just go, eat, let everyone know I'm still alive, and then go home. So Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah if that's what you do and have a nice Tuesday-through-Wednesday if it ain't.

 You know what I think I've going to do? I'm going to do the News on the WordPress site and leave this for the Gibberish.

 Oh, hell, the new Ghostbusters trailer is playing. Hold tight. Okay, yeah, I'm still completely uninterested, but rave on, children. I loved the first, liked the second, didn't see the Lady Ghostbusters for basically the same reason I won't see this one. I don't like theaters and, as I get older, I like sitting in one spot paying attention to one thing is not any something I enjoy anymore and I don't have the patience to watch with anyone else.

 Anyhow, go here for the News. If I have something clever for Tumblr before the night's out, go here. And take care of yourself.

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