Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Storm update #1

 Well, we're still here. The wind has picked up and the feeling outside is unsettling and charged. Isaac, which as far as I know is still a tropical storm, is supposed to hit landfall sometime early tomorrow afternoon. The bedraggled weather folk on the various local stations are saying it'll probably be a full-on hurricane by the time it hits, maybe a Cat. 2, and regardless it's going to dump a ton of rain on us and most likely knock out our power. They've repeated this mantra so much, I'm half convinced the storm's a cover-up for them to get at the grid for a couple days.

 In any event, we're here and hunkered down for the ride. The lady and I are both uneasy about the choice, but given the situation, it's the best option we got right now. Things turn ugly, we will split quick as we can. Otherwise, I do have some thoughts I will explore later, but right now my cognitive drive is take up with how bad Cadillac Records is. And apparently it got good reviews and was lauded for its history. It is neither good nor historically accurate. Then again, my pulse is rarely on the zeitgeist.

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