Tuesday, September 4, 2012

And we're back

 Up yours, Isaac. Power's been on a couple days, the internet and cable came back this morning, my yard's more or less picked up, and I got a text from the ferry folks saying it would unfortunately not be running today. I'm taking that last one as a good sign. I've been remarkably positive about all this, I'm sort of proud of myself. That being said, all the positivity didn't make the power come on any sooner, but it did make the heat more bearable.

 I wrote a little bit during the downtime, once I got power. It's been pretty hectic over the weekend, but I got some things down. They'll be posted throughout the day. Nothing heavy, just the general nonsense.

 As will be shown later, I got me a dog. Here he is. I haven't learned his name yet, but he seems fairly content with being here. He's a good dog and smart, so hopefully this'll work out. If not, it'll be nice to help the little guy out a bit. More on that later, though.

 An ex-coworker died over the weekend. I didn't really know him well, because I don't really make the effort and/or take the risk to get to know people well, but he was a good dude. He bounced at a Quarter bar, and went in Sunday afternoon for his shift. He went upstairs to the un-air conditioned second floor for a nap, and they found him a couple hours later. He died from heat stroke. The folks at Coyote Ugly in the Quarter are going to have a to-do in honor of him Sunday, Sept. 9. Drop in and have a drink to a good dude. Take it easy, Nick. I'll see you when I see you.

 I'll be posting links for donations and whatnot for Isaac relief as I find them. For now:

Red Cross for donations,
Unemployment Aid,
List of helpful websites, phone numbers, school info and general whatnot.

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