Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday night's all right for fighting.

 A quick one because it's Saturday night, and my Saturday nights suck. At work by two, get out as quick as possible (which means at least 8 p.m. and sometimes 10 p.m.), take the dog for a walk, grab a shower, swallow something edible, and then hit the sack 'cause I got to be up by 5 a.m. The dog is not happy about the short night, but he'll have to deal.

 Besides, I haven't had much to say as of late. Well, less than usual, I suppose. I do wish to keep my hand in, to make this whole writing thing work, to be something. But I don't know. Nothing is really flowing, nothing is really asking to come out.

 Especially this week. The dog is wearing me out, but I think he's getting comfortable with me and, at the very least, happy with his regular food and cool, safe place to sleep. I worry myself sick at work thinking of him home by himself. He seems to be coping okay with it, though for some reason he's taken to jump up onto the little table in the kitchen. I guess for a change of pace. Besides, he does like high places.

 I am scribbling this and that, though, mostly on videos I find on YouTube. If you got the desire, check 'em out here on my Tumblr account. Nothing too deep or illuminating, but it does keep one occupied. I'll probably getting around to going back to some old YouTube favorites before all's said and done.

 Man, it's almost 11:30. I'm going to knock this off and try to convince the dog to go to bed, too. Sorry.

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