Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nothing Special

 I really have nothing to write about. I just want to write something, anything, once in what I consider a day, even if it's gibberish like this. Granted, most of what I'm writing these days is gibberish.

 I've actually told a couple people I'm writing again, and all think it's a good idea. I don't know why people think I should be doing this, particularly people who're more or less completely unfamiliar with my pitiful past efforts and what I laughingly called my "career", but that's how people are, I suppose. I don't know, maybe I come off like a "writer" should, I don't know.

 Regardless, it's been a good day. The dog is settling in nicely, even if he was a handful at the girlfriend's place. He's jittery there because of all the previous dog smell, and he'd tear her cats up if he got the chance. He's not used to cats and he is a terrier, which means he's been bred to tear up animals smaller than him, but it's something we'll work on for a while. I think he'll eventually come along, if for no other reason than he doesn't really care for being put in the pet crate.

 The little guy is plumb tuckered out right now and has been asleep all evening. He got to do a lot of playing, both with me and other dogs, and I think he's happy. The girlfriend and I are coming up on a year, and that's a weird stroke in its own right. For reasons of my own, I'll never get too deep in my personal relationships, apart from general stories. Still, she and I are a good thing despite all the strikes against it, most of which come simply because I don't do close. Ah, well.

 The Democratic National Convention is going on, but I'm not watching. I usually watch some of the conventions of both parties, but I missed the RNC because of Isaac, and after a week of not reading political blogs or paying attention to the monkey cage, I just don't feel like getting into it right now. Plus, frankly, I'm in a remarkably good mood overall, and I do not wish to ruin it.

 However, I hear they're rocking Charlotte while the RNC turned out to be somewhat of an embarrassment. I haven't watched the Clint Eastwood thing and I'm not going to, but I can't quite suss out what anyone involved was thinking with that (I'm told) spectacle. I'm not sanguine on the upcoming election. While there is much to be disappointed with Obama's first term, I think he's done well considering the mess he's left and considering he's working with what I consider an almost irrevocably broken and corrupted political system. Anyone who's really, personally disappointed that someone who ran as a centrist Democrat and was a centrist Democratic legislator is governing as a centrist Democrat has no one to blame but the soul in the mirror.

 That being said, even if Romney wasn't a distasteful individual - I'm not fond of privileged assholes who use their privilege to be huge, obnoxious assholes and expect you to like it - I've come to the conclusion that the Modern Conservative Movement is run by people who simply don't like other people and only care about making a fast dollar off someone else's back. I'm happy to vote against Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan come November.

 As I said, though, I do worry about what we'll see that first Wednesday morning after the first Monday in November. We are a country that thought Ronald Regan was a good idea, after all. Who knows, perhaps the Cosmic Record will skip on Dec. 22, 2012, and we'll find ourselves in another state of reality, and all this will seem petty and childish.

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