Monday, April 29, 2019

To & From Oregon, Searching For What It's Worth: Sun. April 28

 I'm sitting in the first floor of a hotel in Brigham City, UT, & it's the nicest place I've stayed in so far. First time there was more than one bed, too. I left Parachute, CO, at the last minute I could, partly because I dug Colorado so much & partly because I was so tired.

 Four a.m. Saturday morning found me still wired & inspired, so I decided to stay another day. I went through the motions & fell asleep at around 10 a.m. Apart from an afternoon sandwich run, I couldn't tell me about the rest of the day. The plan is to push to Boise on a friend's recommendation for the afternoon, & then on into Oregon. One more night before I finish up at my brother's in the western part of the state.

 This trip was a lot less mind-blowing & nerve-rattling than through Colorado. It was pleasant, but nothing shocking or that I hadn't seen before. This may be the longest I've gone without seeing poor people anywhere in any direction. The only thing I'll say about that is this is long as I've ever been without feeling like everyone has to hustle in some way or another. I'm sure they do & I just can't pick up on it, but it's a weird stroke.

 There's money here but it's not like in Vail/Aspen. I didn't see where the workers lived, the people who cooked the meals & cleaned the toilets. I saw that in Vail/Aspen, but the thing is, that town was still sharper than anything I'd ever seen. I've seen wealth before, in Atlanta & Chicago & Miami. Thing is, though, there it's all behind a fence, especially the parts & the people they won't see. In Vail/Aspen, they were rich enough that they didn't care.

 I went to the Arches National Park this morning & it's pretty neat. The rest of Utah looks much like what I saw once the hills started getting fierce in Colorado.  It's got a little more color than Utah, but maybe that was because the weather's better. The rivers are more impressive than they were in Kansas & Oklahoma. I dig there's environmental issues, but those were muddy ditches, y'all.

 Anyhow, I am wired & inspired again, & since I do want to sleep tonight & still have other things to do, there's more at Instagram & Twitter. I met yet still wrap all this up to see if there's any wisdom once I get home. So there's that there then.

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