Tuesday, April 30, 2019

To & From Oregon, Searching for What It's Worth: Mon. April 30

 If I die in Oregon, at least I will die free. That's not that serious a stroke, I'm just having a good time. So, Oregon's as good as anywhere.

 Truth be told, this is the least enjoyable leg of the trip. North Central Utah & Southwest Idaho are pretty places full of lovely human beings full of very warm karma, I'm sure, but it is boring to look at.  Maybe it's just me. Maybe everything's a bit of a come-down after going through Vail/Aspen.

 Nothing much to speak on. Like I said, this particular bit of the trip, like the bit between Tulsa & Dodge City, was something of a tedious slog. Too much already seen it. Or maybe I'm just tired for being on the road five days out of six. When I was a boy I wanted to be a trucker, still do at certain points. By the time I was of age it was obvious to all that I should not be allowed to become a trucker, even if all the rest are dead.  Regardless, I have a greater appreciation for Dave Dudley, put it that way.

 Ah, well. Enough gloom & grouch. I am tired. I have been driving a lot. I really need to get into better shape. It's pretty late. Most importantly, I am very stoned. Good for you, Colorado & Oregon. Tonight we lay our head down in Baker City, OR, a lovely little town that's a shade sharper than some of the thing I think eastern Oregon probably is. Good for 'em, anyway.

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