Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

 Okay, let's roll in on this and knock it out.

 Ain't going to lie about it, but I am not in the mood to do this. I'm a little cranky, sure, which is sort of funny after the week I've had. Nice visit from the brother and sister-in-law, Momma in a good mood, my medicine bag refilled, and this-&-that, I'm still a little put out with no discernible reason. I told the Psych Doctor that this whole writing business was as much fun as I've had in the past 10 years that didn't involve LSD or mushrooms. That cut him up.

 In any event, I'm in a foul mood and here we are. Part of it is absolutely the on-going problem with my sleeping. Still, infernal machine or no, I am not getting any rest no matter how much I sleep during night, nap during the day or catch a quick 40 in the evening. I am always bushed, always could go right back to sleep as soon as I wake up.

 And honestly, there isn't much that grabbing going on in the news. Impeachment's slowed down a bit, though it seems Trump is busy looking for a suitable bus to throw Rudy Giuliani under, just a couple days after the former New York City mayor claimed he had some "insurance" if the president pulled just this sort shenanigan. Once again, reality proves that it is not going to make any sense as Devin Nunes rolls in the campaign contribution despite looking like a complete fool during last two weeks' of testimony.

 On other fronts, things are looking shakier for the Trump people. A review by a Department of Justice's internal government watchdog into the Russian allegations poke some holes in the dipstick's defenses, as it found no evidence of spying by the FBI. Just as an aside, it's amusing to see the Right almost uniformly turn its back on federal law enforcement organizations as soon as the Flabby Emperor gives 'em the thumb down. The Mushy Middle and Respectable Liberals, despite what wingnuts claim, are always fairly down with such organizations, but those wingnuts also think Hilary Clinton is a red-eyed socialist who can't stop singing "The Internationale".

 Same thing with people getting miffy at Barack Obama breaking his silence just to remind everyone that he ran, governed and never pretended to be anything else than a slightly left-leaning centrist, which is extremely conservative in the rest of the sane world. For me, I couldn't care less what Obama has to say about anything, past president or no, because whoever gets the nomination, he's not going to throw his weight behind Trump or even some misguided third-party run by a billionaire far too in love with the smell of his own farts. Take your pick which one.

 What else. I went off on what I think is a pretty good rant on Twitter concerning the idea that racial tension will be solved if people "come together". It's silly because, and let's be real here, black people don't owe us white folks patience or understanding when we still can't wrap our heads around the idea that "the n-word" will get your ass beat nine times out of ten, regardless of how many black friends you have.

 Well, honestly, I'm kind of done. Maybe last week sapped me in some way, because I did put a lot into it. I picked up some indie games via Steam's Autumn Sale, so maybe I'll mess with them tonight. As likely as not, I'll probably read until I fall asleep. I should finish off Vampires Don't Sparkle tonight. Anyhow.

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