Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Pacifist Democracy That's Survived for Nearly Two Thousand Years

 On my trip to Europe several years ago, I never got close to San Marino but I appreciated the vibe. Northern Italy struck me as calm if not overly patient. The area reminded me at once New Orleans while at the same time Panhandle Florida, but I acknowledge my perception might be insufficient to deal with the reality. I could've spent a month or more in Venice.

 The weather's even pleasant, or at least not alarming all of the time. San Marino, that is. It's like it came from Douglas Adams' discarded joke file. Well, let's be serious, Douglas Adams used every joke he to keep from having to write new ones.

 Anyhow, seems a very relaxing, bucolic locale & I'd like to go there if someone wants to send me. I'll write about it & it'll be entertaining.

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