Thursday, March 26, 2020

"I think they ought to nuke you two until you glow."

 Tate Reeve is sacrificing the state of Mississippi like a Judas goat on the altar of Trumpism and the worst part is the people he's trying to impress could give less of a shit about him or anyone in this state. He's like the weird, unpopular kid who wants to be in with the cool kids so he does awful, degrading shit to make them laugh and they still don't invite him to parties. Nobody outside the state of Mississippi gives a tinker's damn about the state of Mississippi, and honestly, sometimes I can't blame them.

 I've been waking up pissed off a lot lately, and I don't think it's entirely due to the dreams I keep having of, well, being that weird, unpopular kid. Some of it's that and a lot of it's frustration that using this CPAP machine isn't doing a goddamn thing to help with how exhausted I feel all the time. I think maybe it's making it worse. I can sleep five-six hours a night, be sharp for maybe three hours, and then need a nap by noon. I mean, barely keeping my head up tired. And if I'm not careful, I can then be in a dead-to-the-world sleep for another five-six hours. By the time I get my Daily Peace written, I'm usually wiped out again. I'm sure a lot of it's middle age and a sedentary lifestyle, but still. It's exhausting on a whole 'nother level.

 However, most of it is due to the awful situation the world finds itself in with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic and, specifically, how goddamn foul the political and business "leaders" are being about all of it. They're basically telling us "We don't care how sick you get or how bad it screws up your life. This is affecting our bottom line, even if ever so slightly, and we can't have that." Seriously, I have no fucking sympathy for a billionaire with a "B" who's "worried about the economy" when he could, just for an instance, fix the water problems in Flint, MI, with his pocket change.

 And, of course, the litany of uber-wealthy and their media toadies telling everyone that not only should they be willing, nay eager to go back to jobs where they work themselves to death for barely enough to live on, if they get the least bit of help during a worldwide crisis, the lazy plebes will forget their place as worker drones. Worse than that, more and more people who don't have an actually useful job keep telling us it's okay if some people die due to COVID-19 so long as they get back to work and get back to making the rich more money.

 So, yeah, I'm a little tense, I guess. Christamighty, I'd give my left nut for a bag of good right now. I wrote most of the above this morning before my nap, but I'm going to go ahead and tie it off here. It's very warm here in Enon Holler and I'm sure Otis is up for a stroll. Really not all that much else to look into. I gave Gothic another shot last night. It's got an interesting premise - a prisoner charged with a task in a prison high-fantasy colony - but the control scheme is so weird.

 That's one of the things I'm learning about the development of computer games: up until after 2010 at least, games chose any old way for their input. More recently, it's become more streamlined and industry standard. Like using WASD to move, C to crouch, the direction keeps to make necessary alterations, etc. Nothing earthshaking to anyone who's been around, I imagine, but it's interesting from my perspective of someone who stepped away for two decades.

 I wouldn't subject myself to the president's daily open-mic night, but a perusal of Twitter says he is being a bit more incomprehensible and embarrassing than usual. dogging governors that down kowtow and name-dropping Tom Brady. Tate Reeves is getting some pushback on his ridiculous order to countermand local social distancing regulations, and that's a good thing. He's got to learn that being that big a rat fink for someone who wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire does him no good politically.

 Okay, that's good. I may do some more later. But for now, good talk.

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