Saturday, March 14, 2020

Monday, March 9 to Friday, March 13, 2020

 Here's this week's Gibberish. Basically a daily chronicle of how CORVID-19 spread through the U.S., catching us almost flat footed. "Matt," I hear you say, "You barely touch on the dumb shit the President had to say or the worthlessness of his entire being that he's portrayed in public." Listen, neighbor, at this point you can just assume there's a "Yes, Trump is a useless, avaricious, truculent moron" clause in every one and move on. I ain't got the time, man.


Monday, March 9

Tuesday, March 10

Wednesday, March 11

Thursday, March 12

Friday, March 13

 Plus, a few things on the recent primaries and the unhelpful (to say the least) reaction from some people, via Tumblr.

 And, in the interest of a little housekeeping, we're going to try to be a bit more News, a little less bellyaching/navel gazing over at WordPress. If it needs to go anywhere, it'll go here. We'll stick with that format until it becomes untenable or I just decided to change my mind. You ain't paying for this.

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