Monday, August 5, 2019

Monday, August 5, 2019

 The weekend ended, thankfully, & the Earth rolls on. Another pair of deaths came of the shooting in El Paso, bringing the total up to 22. In Dayton, we've learned more about the shooter & it's confusing. While the El Paso shooter posted a manifesto the referenced Trump's rhetoric involving immigration, we really don't have a bead on what influenced the Dayton shooter.

 His social media suggests he was anti-Trump & expressed favor for Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 Democratic nomination. However, peers of his from high school have noted he was a complete bastard & an awful human being. Apparently, he kept a "kill list" for his male classmates & a "rape list" for the female ones. Honestly, politics aside - & we fool ourselves if we want to pretend the Left is free of misogyny - that's goddamn creepy.

 One thing that strikes me, & I may be putting pieces together where they don't fit, the Dayton shooter - a middle-class white dude - shot nine people, six of whom were black. The place where the murders took place has been described as "Western themed", but it wasn't a country bar. I find this interesting. This kid came loaded for bear, multiple rounds & body armor. He came to kill, & I personally don't think white people who shoot 9 people in under 30 seconds, intended to shoot more & two-thirds were black deserve the benefit of the doubt. We'll see. As I said, as of right now, we don't have a reason why.

 For what it's worth, "mental illness" doesn't make the nut. He planned this out & it's only through dumb luck & quick cops that he was dropped as soon as he was. The El Paso guy was less wel-prepared & has been described as "cold, remorseless", but "mental illness" doesn't make one post a manifesto or drive 10 hours to a town right on the Mexican border &, thus, full of Mexicans.

 It good news, & it took one white nationalist-fueled mass shooting to do it, but Nazi=friendly kiddie porn site 8chan was been booted by their server, & good fucking riddance. Free speech, my ass, if you soil the play ground, the owners have the right to boot your nasty ass out. Deal with it & shut up. I don't have patience for you perverted little shits anymore & I'm tired of you yo-yos  deciding who should live & who should die in "your country". I piss on your neckbeards.

 The dim-witted, vulgar slob of a president, full of Yellow Jackets & trucker speed, babbled off a nearly incoherent speech, blaming the media & confusing Ohio cities, while conservative nitwits blamed video games, lack of prayer in the classroom, feminism, abortion, & leprechauns or some shit, just like they have for everything since I was old enough to pay attention. And the gun fetishes are buckling down to not budge an inch. There's a lot of anger among us who aren't paranoid dingbats with inflated senses of self-importance, but the rotten Mitch McConnell will fight any sort of legislation to change anything because he is bought & sold by the pimps at the NRA. He fractured his shoulder this weekend. Good.

 In maybe more disappointing news, rattled old creep Joe Biden got the cities mixed up, as well, & if he doesn't get the nod in 2020 by gutless Democrats & the poor, deluded bastards who think there's a return to pre-Trump politics, well... let's just say I wouldn't be surprised. Those days are gone, bubba, it is a whole new world. Buckle up.

 I tire of this.

 I've been thinking a lot about my own gun ownership a lot lately. As a boy, I used to hunt deer, dove & occasionally raccoon. My father also hunted turkey & duck, while my brother would occasionally go out to bag a few squirrels. I haven't counted lately, but we have a plethora of shotguns & rifles, semi-auto & lever-action. There's a couple .50 caliber muzzle loaders, a couple compound bows & maybe a crossbow around here someplace. Through uncles & cousins who still hunt - & at least one who's into guns in the non-creepy "maybe has sex with it" way - so I have access to many more. I haven't shot a gun in 20 years & really haven't had the desire to do so.

 Maybe next time the kinfolk get together to shoot skeet I should join them. It's a strange world in interesting times, friends & neighbors, & the screwheads are not only at the gate, they work for the law & have carte blanche to shoot us down like rats in the street. I live out in the boonies already; I don't need to make it easy for anyone.