Saturday, August 3, 2019

Saturday, August 3, 2019

 I take a nap & wake up to hear that there'd been another mass shooting, this time in El Paso, TX. The shooter murdered 19 20 people at a Wal-Mart. It's been confirmed he bought into the theory that Mexicans in particular & brown people in general were taking "his Texas" away from him, & that's why he decided to murder a bunch of people. He's in custody.

 It has been less than full week sense the last mass shooting in California, this time, turns out, he was mad at how brown people & tech people had taken "his part of California" away from him. Or maybe he was "really angry". Apparently that's a good enough reason for some guys to decide to just murder a bunch of people. Who knew.

 Both these guys were white, though to be specific the California guy was apparently the result of an Italian & Iranian mix, & not only are we just going to go ahead & accept we've seen wingnuts claim Italian "isn't white" - here we go, y'all, buckle up - we're not even going to pretend we know what all Iranians look like. That's just how it is, full stop.

 Hell. The bottom feeder's are already spreading the "false flag by Deep State" nonsense. You remember Sandy Hook? The fact that the parents of the children are still in court, still suing Alex Jones for him spreading lies about that shooting should tell you how screwed up we are about all this.

 I woke up in a foul mood, but regardless, I don't care to ever discuss this with anyone. If you can't at least admit there is something fundamentally rotten in a society that have these so often it begers belief & that it absolutely does not have to be that way, I have no use for you. I want answers & all you will give is excuses, so get bent.

 If nothing else, one should not be making their weekly trip to Wal-Mart - & y'all, I'm from rural Mississippi & worked at a Wal-Mart, so trust me when I say for a lot of those people, that was their weekly everything - without getting killed by some asshole who feels inadequate because he wants to.

That's enough of that.