Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

 Lazy day. The heat's climbing back up & there's threat of some thunderstorms on the horizon. Another late summer in Northeast Mississippi.

 I spent most of the day recovering from yesterday's activities. Watching the fall out from the election, we will have a runoff come the 27th. I didn't vote for him, but AG Jim Hood got the Democratic nod. Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves & Supreme Court justice Bill Waller got the Republican nod, so we'll have to wait & see which one proclaims his undying worship of Trump. If Hood wins in November, it'll be the first time Mississippi's had a Democratic governor in 20 years. I'm not putting my money on it. By the way, the weird bastard who made a splash about not allowing himself to be around women alone got his ass beat, & good.

 Locally, my old friend Doug Lesley won another round as constable, Momma's preferred candidate for District 3 Supervisor failed to reach the runoff. In other news, members of the modern Gestapo, I mean ICE agents conducted a raid of numerous processing plants across Mississippi, netting over 680 victims. This was the largest round up in decades, & wingnut members - already swollen to tumescence after the recent shootings in El Paso & Dayton - threatened to explode with joy across the country. Of course, the company that employed these so-called "illegal" immigrants, Koch Foods will most like have to pay a light fine. It should be noted the company just paid over three million dollars on a sexual harassment suit.

 Speaking of murders by white supremacist gun owners, Trump traveled to Dayton & El Paso for a couple of photo ops & B-roll material for campaign ads. Of the pictures he got in Dayton, he somehow managed to include only the white people who were shot in a majority African-American town. Furthermore, I still say it's curious as hell that no one seems to think that the Dayton shooter killed more black people than white. I may just be looking for links where there are none, granted, but as I've said before, conservatives have pissed away the benefit of the doubt.

 Finally, the offices of USA Today in Fairfax County, Virginia, had a possible shooter situation when a man with a gun was reported, necessitating the evacuation of the paper's headquarters. The fuzz found a "person of interest" & luckily it turned out to be just an alarm, & no crime was involved. Of course, violent right-wing attacks on news media aren't anything to concern the nation over, but this last line in the story sticks with me:

 "We've been drilled so well in school on this," said Akhil Kota, 21, who works for Appian, a software developer.

 Yep, that's where we are. It's nice to see people able to use the skills they learned in school, I guess.