Thursday, August 1, 2019

Thursday, August 1, 2019

 Went for the third round of teeth cleaning today & my mouth hurts like a bastard. Get your teeth cleaned more than once a decade, kids, periodontal disease ain't no joke.

 Apart from having that woman batter the hell out of my gums, it's been a fairly quiet day. The weird Trump freaks have moved onto something new to hate - apparently "Kamala Harris got trashed at the debate" is a thing certain undesirables are pushing, even though by most accounts she performed quite admirably. More so than Biden, anyway.

 I do think Harris puts the willies into the Trump cultists. Beyond just the misogynoir aspects of it, she's sharp & has taken plenty of them to the mat during her time in the Senate. Plus, frankly, her hardass behavior while DA shows the rubes she follows the letter of the law. Of course, the media will name Trump the winner of any debate he manages to not rub himself down with his own feces, but it'd be fun to watch him drive his ass up the wall. But it's mostly misogynoir that's making them act like screaming hoons.

  I want to go one record now as saying I personally think it's way too early in the game to back any candidate, & I'd think that even if there were 25 yay-hoos running for the nomination. I'm leaning towards Warren - I'm just sold by someone who has actual plans rather than platitudes - but I can wait & watch.

 Republican Will Hurd, who represents a good chunk of the Texas border, just announced he won't be running for re-election. This is notable for two reasons. One, it least South Carolina's junior senator Tim Scott as the only - ONLY - African-American in Congress. Two, if the Democrats could flip Hurd's district, it'd mean that no border district would be covered by a Republican member of the House.

 Hurd is the latest in a surprisingly large number of Congressional Republicans who've announced they won't be running next time around. One theory put forth is they're trying to get out before Trump's "inevitable" crash & burn wrecks the GOP, maybe to score some sweet lobbyist gig. I can see the logic in that. I doubt it has anything to do with some insidious force having "something" on them, because if anything, the last couple of years have shown us the Republican base dosn't give a shit how awful your behavior is so long as you "own the libs".

 Anyhow, enough of that gibberish.