Friday, June 21, 2019

Friday, June 21, 2019

 I dreamed of Baltimore this morning. I dreamed I was trying to go back to school & was having money troubles. I went to the campus & attended some of the classes, fell in love with the place & tried to talk to someone who might could help me out with scholarships or loans. He told me he couldn't do anything, to be better prepared in my next life, & I left defeated. I woke up thinking, "I've never even been to Baltimore."

 Slept all day again today & still in a furiously bad mood. Couldn't tell you why on either. Slept more or less last night & used the damn machine, but I still woke up feeling like going right back to bed. My cousin's wife & his two kids visited, so we played a bit, but I was so happy when they left. I don't know.

ADDED 10:28 P.M.

 It stops me in my tracks sometimes when I consider just how much I miss New Orleans. Often it hurts like missing an old flame or friend that's stepped on a rainbow. I would be perfectly content to sit in my little house in Algiers Point, never going to parades, never seeing any bands, just eating what I cooked rather than going to restaurants, & basically never leaving the house except to buy weed. Go figure.

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