Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

 It's noon & I haven't heard from Momma... wait a minute.

 So, that was an interesting half hour. Momma wound up calling. She's about 3 hours out. I also heard from a collection agency concerning a bill due from my little spell I had while in Oregon. It's all settled out, but before insurance kicked in, it cost almost a grand to have two doctors & a small-town's worth of cops & EMT's tell me not to cough so much, I might want to get that looked at &, oh, mind your blood pressure.


 Had a visit with the Psych Doctor. Good visit, as usual. My trip showed me I need regular outside stimuli to spur any sort of lust for life, much less creativity. At the same time, we must acknowledge that spending more than five minutes with anyone on this planet gives me the screaming willies. It was also suggested that the Therapist's idea of maybe looking to do some sort of maybe just volunteering maybe when the fall comes maybe. It's an idea.

 I've decided to capitalize the common nouns when referring to a specific person, like Momma or the Therapist or one of my Better Angels. Is that too cute? I don't know if this morphing into anything other than a regular exercise, but c'est la vie. Still, there are so few people in my life - by choice - I could probably get away with it & it helps a story to have characters.

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