Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

 After going to gym & before supper, I took a little nap. I wasn't a good nap, it was one of those ones where I kept drifting in & out of sleep. Anyhow, every time I drifted back into sleep, I dreamt I was playing Elite: Dangerous & trying to get past a certain level. It was E:D, but it sounded & was set-up like a Wing Commander game. Every time, I'd get a little closer to the goal but never quite reach it. Then I'd wake up in that drifting, not-quite-awake way, drift back off & start all over again. Why it's odd because E:D & WC are entirely different.

 Look, I said it wasn't always going to be interesting. I'm a little better today. Slept better last night, not quite as defeated today. Still carrying it around, but it's not quite as heavy, I suppose. Worst part is I just have nothing to get excited about.

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