Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday, June 16, 2019

 I've got the house to myself for at least 24 hours. Momma's gone to the funeral, mainly because she wants to visit with some kinfolk we got down there. In particular, she's going to see my aunt & cousins. She was married to Daddy's older half-brother, though they'd divorced by the time I'd come along. The cousins - two female, one male - are all about 15 years older than me & doted on Daddy before he got married. Apparently, between the Marines & Momma, Daddy was a bit of a mess.

 We saw more of them when I was younger, though we lived 4 hours away & you could never bet on how bad Daddy would get when he got around his brothers & George Dickle. For some reason he never said & none of us have been able to ascertain, Daddy didn't seem to want to have much to do with his people once he got sick & sober. We saw my grandfather - one of the sweetest human beings that walked this uncaring world - a couple three times before he died in 2005. Both my uncles had passed by then. Daddy didn't even go to one's funeral. Neither did that uncle's two middle-aged daughters.

 We reconnected with the aunt & two of the cousins when we buried Daddy a couple years ago, & Momma's always felt a little bad we weren't a tenth as connected them as we did with her people. Had we all stayed in Jackson, though, things would be different, I imagine. And whatever reasons Daddy had for why he was were his.

 Today's Father's Day. Call your Daddy if it's something you can do.

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