Friday, July 26, 2019

Friday, July 29, 2019

 So, last night I used the infernal machine & felt fine (relatively speaking) this morning. So I don't know what's causing that awful pain from a few days ago. I think tonight we'll use the machine again & see what happens.

 Apart from that, it's been a zombie day. Didn't make it to the gym & really haven't done anything of note. The cool, unseasonable weather appears gone & it's gotten pretty warm this evening.

 Today is Humble Bundle day, & we got ourselves Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Along with Hellblade: Seluna's Sacrifice, I eventually need to make some room to try those out. I've got a bunch of games loaded that I am not playing & probably not going to play any time soon. I spend most of my time on the Freespace series, the Pillars Of Eternity games, Pathfinder: Kingmaker & Elite: Dangerous. Sometimes I wonder if I made an error in getting back into gaming, because I really don't put the time that the money I put into it requires. Granted, I'm not doing a whole lot beyond sleeping as a hobby, anyway.

 I'm in a good mood, mind you, just dragging & disengaged. Nothing's sparking, nothing's burning, I'm just basically trying to not sleep all day out of boredom. The Psych Doc thinks a lot of it comes down just being down after the Big Trip, & there's something to that. Going somewhere new & different - having to keep moving - certainly was stimulating, but I just can't keep it up. I do regret not doing more traveling when I was younger, but there's nothing I can do about that now.

 I'm going to put this link here to remind me of possible gigs with, a website I really enjoy. Problem is, all my experience in the journalism field is over a decade old & I have certainly been left behind. Still.

 And enough of all that.