Saturday, July 27, 2019

Saturday, July 27, 2019

 So this morning we woke up to the president blasting Baltimore as a place where "no human being would want to live" & Rep. Elijah Cummings as being "probably" crooked, & fuck it, the president's racist, his cult members are racists, they all probably have huge hard-ons at today's blast of racism, because even though they claim to "love America", conservatives hate actual Americans with ever fiber of their being. And of course, the main reason the greasy dickhead went on this particular Twitter tirade is because FOX's Saturday morning klaven said pretty much the same thing.

 Furthermore, the silly bastard has thrown his hat in with the oleaginous Ted Cruz & creepy assistant pastor Bill Cassidy in their stunningly misguided plan to label the famously unorganized Antifa as a terrorist organization. This is mainly to give them free reign to persecute anyone who disagrees with the Republican party & stifle any sort of dissent. And, of course, the mouth breathers are wanking themselves silly over this news, as they are rock-hard at the idea of jailing political dissent, especially if someone speaks less-than-worshipful of Daddy Trump. And, of course, the free speech warriors who get all a flutter when someone laughs in Charlie Fucking Kirk's face at a college won't utter a word except in encouragement. This is what they want. This is why they support Trump.

 Furthermore, I've seen a number of "rural living is paradise while city living is hell" takes today & very little pisses me off more. I've lived in urban areas & I was raised (& currently live) out in the boonies, so I feel like something of an expert on this. Honestly, both have the points & both have their negatives. There is definitely something to be said for splendid isolation, but there's also something to be said for being able to walk around to corner for a loaf of bread instead of having to drive 20 miles. In my years stomping the terra, I've come to decide that those who crow too loudly about something as arbitrary & meaningless as geographic location do so because they've got nothing going on inside. Yet, here we are, this is a fight we're apparently going to have.

 And of course, the hooting dingbats who sneer at city living are casting their lot being a NYC-born & bread effete fancy lad who was born into privilege, never worked a day in his life, & shits in a golden toilet. That just blows my mind. At least Bush Jr. pretended to cut brush on his ranch. Trump doesn't even pretend to be anything but a lord of the manor born, & they eat it up like soma. I really don't get that. Trump wouldn't shit on you if you were on fire, would eat a gun if he had to live your life, & would bulldoze your quaint small town to build another frigging golf course. Jesus.

 I am in a bad mood. Sleep alright last night & didn't hurt this morning. However, after my nap I had some of that stinging pain. Momma said I described it like nerve pain, so who knows. Went to the gym & had some front yard time, but I'm still in a foul mood.

 Anyway, enough of that.