Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

 Today was a better day, I'll give you that. It might be that I've had a fair amount of front-yard time today. Woke up, stayed up, had a little smoke, went to the gym, played some game, had another little smoke, & now this. Stayed awake the whole time, too, & last night wasn't any different. Six hours on the infernal machine, but there you go. Figure it out.

 It didn't occur to me until yesterday that I've been a full month doing this. Five weeks, actually, & I'm pretty impressed with myself, thank you very much. This is the longest I've done this sort of thing since, hell, I still made money occasionally by writing. Still no stories coming out, but what the hell. Baby steps.

 And, of course, the damn internet goes out. Hasn't been doing that as much lately, though it's been hotter than a bastard. There's a storm brewing in the Gulf, here's hoping it doesn't blow up into a hurricane when it hits land. I've heard they've had a mess of rain the last few days & the pumps are worth shit. Hopefully it won't blow up into anything foul before New Orleans can dry out some.

 Anyhow. Brain's still useless, but I'll take a decent mood any day. It's all a matter of keeping it going.

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