Monday, July 15, 2019

Monday, July 15, 2019

 Man, I laid down after supper & damn near missed the whole thing. Nothing really interesting to report on, however, as the days are becoming pretty rote. I don't mind dull, but I do recognize how bad I am to get into a rut. Still, I'm getting shit done, even it isn't a whole lot of shit & it's fairly inconsequential shit.

 Trump's doubling down on his undeniably racist rhetoric concerning the four House members, particularly Rep. Ilhan Omar, & his base is eating it up. I mean, they loathe this woman. For the record, I don't believe criticism of the Israeli government is anti-Semitic, nor, for that matter, do I believe Trump or the ranch-standard Republican cares one whit about the lives of the Jewish people beyond what they can drum up for supporting Israel. And as far as that goes, they only give a shit about Israel becomes it gives them a toe-hold into the Middle East.

 In any event, Rep. Omar is the new Emmanuel Goldstein for the wingnut loons, & I'm starting to worry one of those simpletons is going to do something horrible. And the thing is, if they do, both Trump & the howler monkeys will say that she not only deserved it, but it's probably Obama's fault somehow. I still don't understand why "decent Republicans" & "Never Trumpers" don't go in for Bill Weld.

 And, yes, telling any person of color to "go back to where you came from", especially when they actually come from the United States, is racist. Deal with it.

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